50K Ultra Marathon

I can do this. It’s just a six hour run through the woods.

After finishing my first 5K about this time last year, I started extending my 2-3 mile training runs each week until I was able to complete a half-marathon in January. Along the way, I realized that I actually enjoyed the long runs. It’s nice to feel like you’ve actually been somewhere after a run instead of just running down the road for 15 minutes then turning around and running back. Interesting things happen when you’re out for a long run that you miss on the short “out and backs”. ( See My Latest Long Run )

Strategy becomes important when you’re racing beyond 5K. As Sports Nutritionist Sunny Blende puts it, “Ultra races are really an eating and drinking contest with exercise and scenery included.” ( Ultra Endurance Fueling ) Not saying I’m an expert at this. I bonked in the marathon but I think I know why and I’ll have it worked out before the next big race. I’m learning as I go but I think I’m a quick study.

The Carl Touchstone Memorial Mississippi 50 Trail Run has three divisions. 20K (12.5 miles), 50K (31.1 miles), and 50 miles. I’m signed up and looking forward to completing the 50K.

4 thoughts on “50K Ultra Marathon

  1. I’ll bet you can do it too…and the good news is that when you finish, you will have a PR ! Also, with four months to train you should be able to dial it in really well. Stay healthy and have fun !

  2. That should be fun! I picked an very beautiful but insanely hilly for my first
    trail 50k and I barely made the 8 hour cutoff ! But it was fun nonetheless!

  3. I’m signed up for the 50K at the Mississippi trail 50 too. I used to run when I was younger but never more than half marathons. I gave up running “permanently” 7 years ago due to knee problems. 14 months ago, out of the blues I went on a 50 minutes run on trails and lo and behold: my knees held up! I immediately signed up for a 10K in the same race where my husband ran a 50K. While non-running I got old (48) and fat, so all that is left is my slow gear. However, I enjoy running more than I ever have in my life. I only run on trails and have been able to steadily increase my mileage. 3 weeks ago I ran a trail marathon, all by myself. I’m getting excited about the big race in 2 weeks, but, of course also a bit scared…

    • I noticed on your RunKeeper profile that you were signed up for the Mississippi 50. This will be my first 50K and I am also excited and nervous at the same time. I sure hope the weather cooperates. Good luck!

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