I Found My Walls

My first full marathon is now only seven weeks away. Training consistently has been difficult in this brutally hot summer. At this point, I know I’m half-marathon fit, but I’m worried that I’m not marathon fit. After today’s long run, I’m pretty sure a DNF is not in my future but the last ten miles are going to be an awful struggle.

Today, I hit mile 16 at the base of a long demoralizing hill. I had already taken my last gel one mile back and it was doing nothing for me. So I walked, and walked, and walked. I couldn’t even motivate myself to pick up the pace (and pretend like I’d been running all along) when I saw cyclists heading my way. I don’t know if I ever really “broke through” the wall. I was able to get myself running again but it seemed like the walls were lined up every quarter mile or so. I should add that the temperature was around 97 and shade was non-existent.

Salt crust was thick on my clothes and skin so there’s a good chance my electrolytes were low. I like my current fueling strategy of drinking only water and getting electrolytes and carbs from PowerGel but I may need more than just the gel – at least in the summer heat. I think I’ll check some ultra-running blogs for advice on getting additional electrolytes. Hopefully, that will be just what I need to get me through the wall. Suggestions, anyone?

2 thoughts on “I Found My Walls

  1. I just happened upon your blog…by the way, best of luck in four weeks !!!

    I’ve been using S!Caps (http://www.succeedscaps.com/main_scaps.html) for electrolyte replacement and they seem to be working good for me. I tried NUUN in my water, but never did really like the taste (especially when the liquid got warm).

    Once again, best of luck in your first Marathon..I’m considering doing my first one in early December, but since I’m only up to 11 miles on a long run, I’m not sure there is time to adequately prepare.

    • Thanks, Michael.
      I’ve considered S!Caps but haven’t actually tried any yet. I think that may be the way to go though.

      I don’t mind the taste of NUUN but I stopped using it because it would build pressure and leak from my bottles long after it was supposed to be dissolved and all the “fizz” was gone. I can’t imagine adding it to my camelbak. It would blow up like a balloon!

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